West Lake, Hangzhou, China: The 2K1 Tour

Boating is the most popular sport on the lake.  Seeing the water, I'd dare say fishing would not be advised.  Though that didn't stop some brave fools.

Double dating is very popular in China, I guess one of the guys double booked.

I take many pictures like this, and this one has slipped onto the website because I quite like it.

How long do I have to hold it for?

Luckily, the boy was only about a 100 meters from this mobile toilet.  Sorry I didn't check what the price was.

One of the main islands in West Lake.

I do have a timer on the camera to take pictures with, but using a mirror is so much easier.  I would like to point out, that Sally is very thin, and I'm not that fat.  It only looks that way because she is soooooo thin.

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