Richard's 1998 Trip to Japan

    The purpose of this page is to share my experiences and a few of the 1200 photos I took while I hiked around Japan for a month. Don't worry, only about 400 of the better ones are on display.

    I have divided up my trip account into three different sections. The first is just a text day to day  version.  The second is a collection of photos and comments based on the type of place. In this section I have broken down the trip into Aquariums, Zoos, Gardens, Temples, Castles and Other Stuff, by town.  The third and last section is the more `adult' section of the trip.  This way you can see some comparison between the varied points of interest.

Text Version of Trip

The trip by town and city, (with directions to be added later) by Events of Interest, like gardens, castles, temples....

Strip Clubs, Massage Parlours and other Adult Stuff