Night Photos, Lijiang, China: The 2K1 Tour

This is the entrance to the Sanhe Hotel.

My camera has a night-vision type exposure, so you can take photos without a flash at night.  Its great when it works, which means I need to hold the camera totally still for five seconds.  Here some examples.  The first time I tried this was at Singapore's Night Safari.

This is the temple on Lion Hill.

Cafes in centre of old town.

Radio and television tower.

Paper boats you can buy to float down the canal.

It takes a few tries to get it so neither of us moves for five seconds.  This was the closest I could get it in four tries.

Paper boats on the canal.

Jane Eyre Cafe at night, we had breakfast here most days.  Also has Internet access.

There's the radio tower again.

And the tower again, through the entrance to Sanhe Hotel.

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