Agricultural Expo 99, Kunming, China: The 2K1 Tour

The entrance fee is quite high, by Chinese standards, but since you have come all this way, it doesn't matter to much.

If someone understands this, please tell me what it means.  It had Sally and I stumped.  I guess I could have asked at the gate....

Entrance promenade.

Japanese gardens.

Farming of the `future' demonstration.


Inside the Eco-Dome.

It rains inside.

Inside China Hall.  A building full of exhibits from the many provinces of China.  Doesn't matter if you skip it.

The inside garden is nice.

Laotian exhibit.

Sri Lankan exhibit.

I think this is Burma's exhibit.

Thailand's exhibit.

Japan's exhibit.

Over looking the Dutch exhibit.

Chairlift to other side of park, when its open.

A mother teaching her son to pee into a very small drain.  A skill he will no doubt need later in life, if he goes drinking late at night.

Malaysian dancers.

English garden.

Local `ethnic' dancers.

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