Zoological Gardens, Singapore: The 2K1 Tour

These pictures are roughly in the order I took them, so that's why this little fella is first up and not the lions or whatever that most people seem to prefer.  I tend to prefer the smaller critters, in particular the ones that are smaller than me, not particularly violent and generally won't try to kill me.

Singapore Zoo is one of the best in the world.  It is definitely worth the trip to see if you are in Singapore.

I took over 50 photos of these guys, so these few are a representation of that.  Its hard to get that one shot of them hitting each other when they are fighting, so that is why I took so many photos.

Could there be a more important shelter in Singapore?

I didn't go in, no point it was 38 degrees outside and I thought it was best to stay hot so not to get a feeling of sickness when I went from the 16 degrees inside the shelter to the heat outside.

Jaws open and waiting for Steve the Australian Crocodile Wacko to pop by for a visit.

Zoo keeper and friend.

This is underwater.

That is a camel in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

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