Towns and Cities Visited
for which I have photos....

Airplane: Canadian Rockies

Chiba:  Chiba Zoo , one of the nicer zoos in Japan, very well laid out

Enoshima: Enoshima Aquarium and gardens

Futomi: Futomi Flower Centre , an excellent nursery, great plants, wish i could have brought some home

Himeji: Himeji Castle and Musuem , the finest castle in Japan

Hiroshima: Ground zero of first atom bomb dropped on city and the Peace Park

Karuizawa: many photos....

Kanazawa: Kanazawa Castle, Gyokuen-en Gardens and Kenroku-en Gardens, two of the best gardens in Japan

Kyoto: Ryoan-ji and Tenryu-ji two of the finest temples and gardens in Japan

Matsumoto: Matsumoto Castle and gardens , another of the top three castles in Japan

Mito: Kairaku-en Gardens , another of the top three gardens in Japan

Miyajiama Island: Miyajima Aquarium, temple and gardens

Nagano City: Zenko-ji a large temple in Nagano City, trip from Nagano to Nagoya

Nagoya: Nagoya Zoo  and gardens

Namagawa: Namagawa Island

Okayama: Koraku-en Gardens, and greenhouse , a fantastic and large gardens, one of the top three in Japan

Osaka: Tennoji Park Zoo, Aquarium (Rings of Fire), Castle, View from Castle, Expo and Mall , the Aquarium is fantastic, probably the best in Japan

Tokyo: none, except for this Shinakansen Picture....

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