Taipei: The 2K1 Tour

The Taipei Tour was a bit of an `add-on' as there was a typhoon in Hong Kong and we couldn't land there, so our plane was twice diverted to Taipei.  As there was problems in HK, I couldn't go on to Malaysia, unfortunately, so I ended up going straight to Singapore and skipped Malaysia.  Will have to try to find time (and money) to pop over to Malaysia sometime.

Not much happened in Taipei as I was there only one night and it was a short night of staying in airport and then being driven to hotel an hour away from the airport.  The next day was rather short.  I spent more time in the airport than in Taipei itself.

Funny story?  We had a difficult time exchanging money, so I used one of the telephone cards I obtained from Cathay Pacific and sold it to a clerk in 7 eleven, speaking in Mandarin, so I could buy food and drinks.

The Cast of the Taipei: 2K1 Tour includes:

Richard, tired of sleeping in CKS Airport
Varied Cathay Pacific Customer Service Reps
Dorothy and Carroll, entertaining Thai living ex-pats
Bangkok Buddy, the type who gives white guys in Thailand a bad name
Alicia and Irene, girls from Malaysia on my `flights' that ended up in Singapore
Kitty, an Australia Army dentist who likes SAS books

One of the times we came back to Taipei that night.

Thought this was an interesting use of a window in a hotel bathroom.  The United Hotel in Taipei.

What happens to the camera lens when you go from an air-conditioned hotel to a very humid outdoor setting.

One of the few outlets I have not eaten at.  Not enough Taiwanese Dollars in my pocket, after I went to 7 eleven.

Girls sit in these little glass `goldfish' type booths and sell gum, wearing very short skirts and skimpy shirts....

Members of our flight on the fourth day of our attempt to get to Hong Kong.

Sun Yat-sen Park.

Kara-OK anyone, in the park....

Sun Yat-sen memorial.

Nice moon shot from Hong Kong to Singapore.