Sentosa Island, Singapore: The 2K1 Tour

These are scanned in from the pictures I took with my point-n-pray camera, while my digital was getting serviced for the day at Sony Singapore.  They are a bit darker than I would have liked.

Cable car overhead.  This is part of the ethnic village and amusement rides area.

There is a fort on the island, which was British, except for the time the Japanese invaded and took it over for three years.

There are many exhibits describing life in the colonial fort.

You can see the old batteries and fortifications, most of which are still intact.

The monorail around the island.

When Japan invaded.

Some local residents....

There was a total of four live butterflies when we were there.  One died when it landed on the girl walking in front of me, she knocked it to the ground and then she jumped on it.  She's lucky her mother told her off, I would have said much worse.

The southern most point of continental Asia.  Or so says the sign.

Golf course.

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