Karuizawa Photo Album

The above two pictures are of the mountains above Karuizawa, from a look out position, I think facing towards Gunma prefecture.  Karuizawa is behind the camera (I think, I might have been kinda lost at this point, it was my first day in Japan).

These trees where in the front garden of Megan's neighbour.

This was on the wall of the house beside the local 7-eleven.

This is outside the Shinkansen station in Karuizawa, the police hut is to the right, and a policeman gave me a funny look while I took the photo.  I like the little character on the car door.

This is a snake I came across on my first day at a local shrine, it seemed deserted, very close to the look out I took the above photos of the mountain.

This is a pension in Karuizawa, a type of company resort.  It also has a small cafe in it I think.  I am guessing in Japan, this construction would be extremely expensive.  The land behind it was also quite expansive, especially for Japan.

A local path, I liked the moss and ferns.

These are of a local park and pond.

This is a roadway at the head of the above park and pond.

Some sort of duck at the pond.

The Ginza in Karuizawa, some very expensive Tokyo style shops, to cater to the tourists from Tokyo.  But also some local cheap ones to.

Some sort of monument at the base of Asama-yama.

Blossoms at the base of Asama-yama near the river.

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