Hong Kong: The 2K1 Tour

Things started out really bad from when I arrived in Hong Kong from China on Dragonair.  On the bus into the city and to my hotel, I was rather violently sick onto the floor of the bus.  Luckily I was rather near my hotel and the building was right beside the bus stop and I could find the guesthouse very easily.  This was lucky, because I spent most of the next three days in the room being very ill.

I stayed at the Hakkas Guesthouse, its basic, but clean and the manager is friendly.

I really saw little of the Hong Kong I wanted to.  I was planning to go out and explore the countryside of Hong Kong, but time and illness prevented this.

The Cast of the Hong Kong: 2K1 Tour includes:

Richard, a very ill traveller
Kevin, guesthouse manager
Cleaning lady of guesthouse, don't know her name, she spoke no English
that's it....didn't get out much....

Places visited include:

Hong Kong Park
Hong Kong Zoo
Ocean Park
Peak Tram
Hong Kong Harbour

Hong Kong Streets
Hong Kong Airport