Hiroshima Photo Album

This photo and the ones below are of one of the most famous buildings in Hiroshima.  It is the building that was directly under the atomic bomb the Americans dropped on Hiroshima.

This picture is taken from the bridge beside the building.  There was a bridge before the bomb as well, but the design was changed in the reconstruction.

My attempt at a semi-artistic photo of the Dome.

This is the famous bell in the Peace Park near the Dome.

This is the children's monument.  The colour around the monument is thousands of cranes, many sent in my children from around the world.

I think this is the monument to the unknown Japanese soldiers who died.  It is rare to see the Japanese flag flying in Japan, and this day was a holiday.  I am not sure if it always flies here.

This is the Korean monument and is a turtle.  It was one of the last monuments to be erected, as the Koreans were not much appreciated or where neglected.  This is a very sore point to bring up in Japan.  Meg and I met two women from New Zealand or Australia here, they had the same Lonely Planet tour book of Japan as I had.  This monument is on the opposite side of the Peace Park from the Dome.

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