City photos of Haarlem, The Netherlands: The 2N1 Tour

On the way to Kopje van Bloemendaal, you pass this small zoo and....

....this hockey field.

This is the centre of Haarlem.
The McDonald's is on the right behind the trees.  But be warned, the service is very slow.  If there are more than three people in line, you might want to go to the toilet, get a drink and something to eat before you get in line, or you will regret it.  I waited 25 minutes in line and only three people ahead of me.  I could have personally made all the `food' for these people in the time it took to get serviced and I've never worked at McDs and still saved 10 minutes.  Don't expect any sense of customer service when you are in the Netherlands.  Oh, you also have to pay extra for sauces like Ketchup.

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