China: The 2K1 Tour

I had long wanted to visit China and when Grace introduced me to Sally, this gave me the opportunity to travel in China with someone, as I didn't want to go by myself and didn't want to go on an organized tour.

We toured around the Shanghai area first, to Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xitang and Jiaxing, before flying to the south-west of China and Yunnan province.  I have been interested in visiting Yunnan and specifically Lijiang ever since I first saw the Channel Four documentary `Beyond the Clouds'.  We went to Lijiang and Kunming.  Yunnan is a rugged and beautiful province and a place I very much want to return to.  There is much in China to see, but Yunnan has many charms unfound in the rest of China and they are well worth visiting.

The Cast of the China: 2K1 Tour includes:

Richard, the happy traveller
Sally, translator, tour guide & travelling companion
Sally's Mum
Marco, restaurant owner and former employer of Sally
Claudio, restaurant owner and friend of Sally
Ming & family, relatives of Sally
Parki, distant relative of Sally's who speaks English
(notice a trend here?)
And other's who I forget the names of....

Places visited include:

Jiaxing Lake
Jiaxing's Sunshine Hotel
Jiaxing city pictures

Jinmao Building
The Bund

Suzhou Alley
Bowuguan (Museum)
North Temple Pagoda
Shizi Lin (Lion Grove)
Silk Museum
Wangshi Yuan

West Lake

Xitong town
Xitong's Canal area
Xitong Garden

Kunming's Yunnan Hotel
Cuihu Park
Agricultural Expo 99
(Warning, the Expo page is about 3Mb, the largest one on the website)
Black Dragon Pool
Kunming Botanical Institute
Shilin (Stone Forest)
Road near Shilin
Shilin-The Temple on return
Shilin-The Temple on way
Dragon's Gate
Ming's Wedding

Black Dragon Pool Park
Lijiang's Hotel Mu
Lijiang Old Town
Night Photos of Lijiang
Ethnic Artifacts Exhibit
Yulong Meadow
Yulong River
Yulong Snow Mountain
Yulong Travel
First Bend Yangtze
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Lijiang's Sanhe Hotel